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Hi there, it’s me again, Jack Harrer and you are in for a real treat in one of my latest movies. This is dick heaven, and between Peter Annaud, Manuel Rios and me, we have over 25 inches of solid hard gay cock to play with. Can you imagine that in your hand, mouth or even pounding into your hungry asshole?
But first, let me tell you about those other two big-dicked guys I am with today.

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Peter Annaud is a sweet looking guy with a cute boyish smile. He has a smooth athletic body, and he has a great sense of humour.
He is six-foot-tall with short brown hair, a seven-and-a-half-inch cock and it’s even thicker than my own. He has starred in 30 hot movies for Bel Ami so far, and this includes ‘Freshmen Tuesday’ with Christopher Caan.
Manuel has a swimmer’s body, and he loves to have rough sex. He loves to bottom, but he’s also happy with his dick in a hot ass.
He is five feet nine inches tall with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and he has a thick eight-and-a-half-inch dick. He has starred in 34 movies at Bel Ami and still going strong.

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I, Jack Harrer, and Peter Annaud sit in the living room in just our shorts. There is sexual chemistry in the air as I ask him if he wants a threesome with myself and Manuel Rios. He says yes straight away, which is a good thing because I have already called Manuel and he is on his way.
Peter and I have our hard dicks out, and we start stroking on them just as Manuel arrives. I can already see the huge bulge in his jogging pants, and I am quick to get it out and feel its strength in the palm of my hand.

With a big smile on his face, Manuel gets down on his knees and grabs out cocks and puts mine in his mouth. His mouth feels good wrapped around my cock, and he slowly jerks on my thick shaft at the same time. We get into a great cock sucking frenzy after that as we take it in turns to have those cocks in our mouths,
Manuel lies on the bed, and as I feed my cock into his mouth, I feel Peter’s tongue licking my heavy ball sack from behind. As I keep thrusting my cock into his tight mouth, my cock jerks and a whole load of hot cum flies out of my pulsating cock-head, and I give Manuel a messy facial.
My cock is still hard and in need of a tight ass. As Manuel is still lying on his back, I get between his legs and drive my raw cock into his ass.

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As I start to fuck his ass, he moans with excitement. His moans of desire soon get cut short as Peter shoves his cock into Manuel’s mouth.
Peter Annaud and I fuck Manuel’s ass all over the living room. We fuck his doggy style, in the missionary position and once more on his knees. We fuck his ass and mouth until he can’t take anymore and his cum shoots out and splashes all over the place. Peter cums almost straight away, and his thick juicy cum pours over Manuel Rios’ face. I give my cock a quick jerk, and as Manuel opens his mouth, my cum pours into it and all over his already cum-stained face.

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Jack HarrerHi, that’s me, I am Jack Harrer, and I am here to tell you about this hardcore gay porn movie starring myself and Manuel Rio, who has got a fantastic cock, a tight fuckable ass and has a cheeky boyish smile. But first, let me tell you about us.

First of all, I am five feet eight inches tall, and I have light blonde hair, a smooth, toned body, sexy blue eyes, and I have an eight-and-a-half thick uncut cock, and I am a versatile top.

I have starred in over 65 gay teen porn movies for BelAmi Online, and I have been in the porn business since 2010. My first ever porn movie was a solo wank where I shot a huge load of cum over myself, and I became an instant success. I must admit, I knew I would make it in this business, but as soon as I put up a Twitter page and a Facebook account, I had thousands and thousands of followers.

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Manuel RiosBefore getting into porn, Manuel worked as a ministrant in a small sleepy hamlet in Slovakia and was known for being the cutest guy there. (I can just imagine him in his robes.)

He has starred in 33 hot movies for BelAmi Online, and he is much in demand because of the size of his huge fat cock, and his super-tight ass.

Manuel is five feet ten inches tall with brown hair, cheeky brown eyes and he has an eight and a half inch uncut cock and a huge set of balls. And when I say huge, I mean huge! I think elephant balls when I think of those beautiful golden globes of his. Anyway, let’s get back to our latest belami boys movie before I get overexcited and jack one off the wrist before I finish this.

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I, Jack Harrer, am lying on a couch with my hard cock trapped between my body and the soft cushion under me. My pants are off, but I have put a magazine over my ass. As I lie there, Manuel Rios comes in the room, and his smile broadens; cheeky but sexy. He sits down near my legs and throws the magazine way. I feel his warm hands on my firm, tight butt and my cheeks get spread wide open.

I moan with desire as Manuel buries his tongue in my hot, smooth butt hole, and I rotate my hips around so he can dive in further. He has a long tongue, and I feel my cock throb as he keeps on eating out my ass.
We strip naked and move into the bedroom and straight onto the bed. I lie down on my back, pull my knees up to my chest and spread my legs. Manuel gets between them, and he down to licks my big balls. He carries on licking downward, and once again he is licking my ass like a puppy. I feel his spit dripping from my asshole, and he knows I am ready for the taking. With me still on my back, he kneels between my legs and inches his cock slowly into my hungry fuck hole.

I feel my eyes roll back in my head as his raw cock goes slowly in and out of my ass, and I am on fire. We grunt and groan with lust, and he starts fucking me harder and harder.

He sucks my dick and licks my balls for a while, and before we blow our loads, I get on all fours, put my head down and my ass up ready for some gay porn belami action. He slides his cock balls deep into me, and as he thrusts himself into me time and time again, I stroke on my pulsating boner.

Manuel flips me over, and as he fucks me in the missionary position, he jerks on my cock, and I soon cum all over my body. His cock pops out of my buggered butt hole, and he sucks my cock dry. I return the favour, and pretty soon a have Manuel Rios’ sizzling hot cum all over my face and in my mouth.

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