Ariel Vanean and Benoit Ulliel

So handsome, so candid and spontaneous after all this years. The smile, the kindness, the cheerful personality, with that little touch of kink… Natural beauty, as one commenter says, outside and in. Not many teen gay porn stars on the planet are like him not only lusted after, but genuinely beloved. You should celebrate his 10 years with a two hours documentary portrait, he is so special.

This is not pornography, this is a meeting between two lovers, a boy and his man who love each other and give each other the pleasure of sexually joining… ❤️Benoit❤️ is surprising and convincing from the first sigh, at the first touch of ❤️Ariel❤️ lips on his cock, that wonderful wince with open-mouthed breaths, and those mouths that feed each other embracing … but that I say, even the simple beginning with the “gently swinging pea little bell delicious” while ❤️Benoit❤️ reaches his trainer, is a pure poem to masculine nature like the video with Enrique Vera and Peter Annaud that is also fucking hot. The fresh impudent face of ❤ Benoit Ulliel ❤️ in all its expressions is intriguing to make even the petrified stones fall in love.

The only flaw in this video is the chronic and irrecoverable flaw of the old director with his vice of cutting scenes with abrupt changes of position. And his destructive shooting from below, that the faces of the lovers dangle swollen and without photogenicity. This gets 5 stars from me. I love Ariel Vanean , especially with the scruff.

I love the giddy excitement that he shows in taking on the role of the trainer; whether scripted or not, he conveys real boyish charm and excitement. You can definitely feel the passion between the two in this scene. The sexual climax of the scene is great, I love the change of angle from one face to the other to the penetration and then back. It is HOT!

3 things I loved: 1) The “toweling off” portion gave us a relaxed tour of Benoit’s sleek body and flawless skin. 2) The brief rimming was superb, and Benoit’s flawless buttcheeks and hole were delightful (but why the abrupt cut to the spooning?). 3) That smoldering look in Ariel’s eyes around 10:00; true passion and good fun were evident throughout the scene, and you played up nicely the age difference.

One suggestion: A detail I’d like to see more often has to do with the display of the asshole before for rimming or penetration (and BTW — no penetration shots today until after Ariel came; fucking was captured “already in progress”. Before the action begins, I’d like to see a clear shot of the awaiting asshole so I get the same view the top is enjoying. Take a break from the licking or fucking and give us occasional looks at the glistening, puckering hole. You achieved this at the end with the amazing shots of Benoit’s cum-spattered hole.

Five stars to these hot gay teen porn stars

Benoit was great. While he seems diffident in the clip’s beginning, Ariel’s experienced, rhythmic thrusting transformed him into an animated recipient, moaning in a bit pain and a good measure pleasure as Ariel increased the thrusts. All of this action caused Benoit Ulliel to turn to Ariel and, in the scene’s best moments, ever more passionately kiss Ariel and respond to Ariel’s tongue to begin by introducing his own into the passion swirl that led to Benoit’s doggy position (where he asked Ariel to slap his beautiful tan & smooth ass) and then to where Benoit was riding Ariel facing toward him as he thrust up & down.

Benoit’s moaning was to me very erotic, although I found his cumshot to be rather anticlimatic. Ariel demonstrated top drawer topping skills, alternating his thrusting speed and then depth. Ariel , however, does need to start dieting, lifting & tanning if he is serious about being a trainer, as he appeared a bit out of shape at the midsection. Five stars! Bravo!