Enrique Vera and Peter Annaud

What a hot scene, full of passion and energy! Both Peter and Enrique seem genuinely on fire and Peter especially, with his amazing cock and extraordinary gaze, reminds us how lucky we are to see such beauty and feel so much heat. Can’t imagine why I didn’t praise this to the skies when I first saw it months ago. We really need to see Peter Annaud top more. Can 2020 be the year he gets to fuck a whole series of BA’s cutest boys, please, please?!

I really enjoyed this scene. I don’t know why it took me a month to rate it (5), maybe because I was overwhelmed the first time I watched it. What I like very much is after Enrique Vera came how he gently pulls back and forward his subtle foreskin, I envy him for this beautiful anatomy. Both stars are great looking though I had to wonder as I watched if Peter has stopped working out. Seems from his belami art set I saw a while back that he had much better upper body/chest definition than he does here. Either way, his massive cock is always a wonder to see and Enrique Vera does an admirable job of trying to take as much of it in his mouth as possible. It must be incredibly challenging to suck on that massive cock without damaging it with one’s teeth. I am sure Peter has suffered his share of uncomfortable “bites” as it were. Great job by both models. Would love to see lots more of both of them, but especially Peter.

To die for… If you had to keep only two guys at BelAmi it would be these two, though I love a lot of others… Peter Annaud and Enrique Vera are the sexiest, the most sensual, sexual, sex eager of all your stable! Stunning sucking, rimming, fucking! Peter comes while fucked, then sweaty Enrique on his burning hole. A pity to get not a flip flop with these two very masculine boys, perfectly versatile. Peter’s ecstasy is ours…I don’t speak about direction, all is so natural, only about the filming which is grand! Sex and chemistry work of art! Saw it twice yet…