Helmut Huxley and Kris Evans

For all the hype of a Kris Evans gay porn scene, this one really delivered the goods! Kris was as passionate as I have ever seen him and Helmut was outstanding! I watched this scene just to see Helmut & Mama Mia he didn’t disappoint. Has he ever looked better? Was never one of the Kris fans, but the scene works with both guys. Absolutely adore Helmut! Another great scene BA! Thank you! I like both models but this scene didn’t have passion. There should have been a lot of making out it could have been so much hotter. Helmut is really good like watching him and its very rare to see him get fucked so its nice when it happens. I wish I could get Helmut’s autograph. I am a super fan of Chris, and will probably always be. But this scene lacks a bit of fantasy and creativity, just the standard program without any exciting surprises. Chris can do better, much better. Can’t say enough about how much these two turn me on. Their bodies and cocks are amazing. I would gladly offer up my bottom for them to satisfy them and myself.

Although I don ‘t think Kris has the tallest cock of all BA models, it is an absolute beauty, fat, and vascular. It is always a joy when that big boner is revealed out of his pants, and it shows that Helmut loves the view of that fat, veiny man tool. Kris total package is incredibly beautiful: big well defined muscles, completed with a huge, vascular dick as well as big full balls. Flaccid or rock hard it is breathtaking. Matching Kris with male beauty Helmut Huxley is a good choice. This handsome dude is very well hung too, and thereby he has a greedy hole that cries to be filled up by a huge cock like Kris’. This scene is magnificent. It is an ode to the muscular, well-endowed male body. Two perfect almost smooth bodies, two gorgeous asses, two mouthwatering cocks and balls and two tasty cum loads. And all in good camera work and fine close ups!