Jack Harrer and Manuel Rios

Though, as commented by many that Jacks com shot was very disappointing, especially with Manuel’s tongue there ready to receive Jacks sweet man-juice, Manuel none-the-less actually had a pretty good cum shot. Though Manuel has not necessarily been one of my favorite models, this was a great pairing in my opinion and everything else about the scene was worth 5 stars. Manuel is an amazing ass eater and great bottom, and Jack is a great top.

The slow action permitted the capture of many great amazingly clear screen shots for my collection and the video itself will go into my favorites and five star collection of great scenes. Thank you B.A. I look forward to seeing aprt two. It is difficult to follow the English of some of the European subscribers but, while I appreciated Manuel’s cumshot and he still has a good body, the face does not “fit” well with the rest of Belami models who are focused on youth and exuberance. As for Jack, he is still beautiful and can usually be counted to cum hard and far. Three stars for Manuel and 10 for Jack, even with that damn ear piercing.

As far as I recall, the last time these two appeared together was in a threesome with Trevor Yates. A couple of months back I was minded to revisit some of Trevor’s scenes but was dismayed to find that all but the Scandal in the Vatican videos had gone from his archive. Have you had some disagreement with him over payments and copyright?