Jon Kael and Niko Vangelis

OMG two outstanding beautiful teen gay guys getting on to each others. A ravishing debate of Niko Vangelis. What a catch this Greek god is. His body is absolutely perfect. Everything on point and his ass and dick are more than stunning.

Jon Kael is hot as always. Seems these two dudes are friends and it shows. They are so com portable with each other. Jon is one of my favs here and Niko became one right this scene. Hope to see this ass gets destroyed by other BA stallions. Can’t wait to be a turned on watcher. Great scene from Belami Online.
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One of the hottest scenes in a long time. Both twink models embody male perfection and hope to see a lot more of both especially since I had not seen Jon in a while and thought he might have left BelamiOnline. Two beautiful muscle gods, similar builds and appearances. Niko Vangelis is certainly a valuable addition to the BA stable. The “rash” thing is a bit much, however. I had a rash not so long ago, turned out to be an allergy to the sulfa antibiotic I had been prescribed.

The Best Of Gay Twink Models atm

What is there to add! Two amazing gay twink models doing an amazing job of performing and an amazing job of filming! I disagree with the statement that they have too much muscle. They are perfect! And with or without pubic hair they are absolutely beautiful! I don’t give many 5 star ratings, but this is one of them!I hope we will see lots more of both of them! the moans of Jon early on when Niko was sucking him off was a bit over the top but John taking Niko’s cum directly in the mouth was absolutely wonderful!

Also, what happened tothe shower at the beginning? Let’s see Niko fuck Christian Lundgren next. There are so many models I would love to see Niko perform with. Nils for example, Hoyt, Helmut and many more. Bravo BA!