Nils Tatum and Niko Vangelis and Jerome Exupery

In a way I agree with some others: I’m not a Jerome fan either although I think he has a nice body. I think he wants too much be the funny guy, the clown and that makes his presence most of the time too much. I am fond of this a bit shy guy Niko. He really knows how to sculpt his perfect body into the shape of a greek god. Both Nils and Jerome know to appreciate a perfect body like Nils Tatum, that’s for sure.
Nils Tatum group sex
They worship the tall muscular guy endlessly, and Niko enjoys the attention, it is obvious. It is great to watch Niko’s lean, ripped, dry, vascular body being licked all over. His big veiny cock deep throated, his smooth hole juiced up. And his set of balls viewed from below looking like a heart! Niko is a delicious power bottom. Despite Jerome’s presence this scene is excellent, but it should have been even better with just Niko and Nils! And the dark haired guy: he is Phillipe Gaudin!

I love Niko Vangelis, especially when he bottoms. For me, he is the heir apparent to Kris Evans, and Niko might even outshine Kris as a bottom. You did well not to name him Hercules, which works best as a nickname only. I also would have preferred a duo with Niko and Nils, but Jerome does well here. And I’m glad it wasn’t another tag-team with Jerome and Helmut. More Niko, please!

The Thing BelamiOnline ever did with these guys

Since I love both Niko and Nils but really dislike Jerome, I agree with hybucky and hawk1955. Why not instead use Yannis, Paul Cassidy, Bob Marghiela, Enrique, Sven, in other words someone really hot.

But very cute when Niko changes clothes in public. Continuity gets a little weird when the unshaven dark-haired guy (who?) shows up when buying ice cream at the end. But if it means a few seconds less of Jerome, I’m all for it.